Savage Swim is your ultimate grassroots, homegrown, eco friendly, independently owned and operated, self-made brand. We do things different here. Everything that you order from us, our custom swimwear to our activewear and apparel, is hand crafted from start to finish at our headquarters in St Augustine Beach Florida.


Savage Swim was founded by single mama of four babies, Beth Reeb, in April of 2014. She started this vision in her one-car garage, without any loans or investors.

We are independently owned by Beth, self-made and organically grown and built. Our goal is to make custom bikinis and swimwear in a sustainable, ethical fashion, while holding our integrity and values of MADE IN AMERICA products. All of our fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets pulled from the sea. We are family run with a small team of awesome women, hand crafting each order for you from start to finish.

We put love, passion, and pride of quality into every single stage here. We produce lasting, quality products, and always strive to be better.

Genuine, HANDMADE IN THE USA products that you will be proud to own.
Support ethical, eco-friendly products and local companies. Know where your money is going and who you are supporting. 
Be the Change.



Howdy! Beth Reeb here, Owner and Designer of Savage Swim.

I have resided in north east Florida for the last 27 years, lived on the water my whole life, and have always had an infinite love for the outdoors, adventure, traveling and the ocean. 

 I have a background in interior design (3rd generation) and have been sewing interior design projects from age 13. Although self taught in the clothing and swimsuit industry, it comes natural, and is a passion of mine to design and create, and to help others shine in their own skin. Nothing quite like a perfect fitting custom swimsuit to make you feel confident and alive on those gorgeous sunny days. We live life for the outdoors, and are here to help you do the same, in style, comfort, and confidence! Own the skin you're in.