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The Story of Savage Swim

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Fierce. Untamed. Wild. Disregards conventional standards of behavior. Doesn’t follow the norm. Does life their own way, on their own terms. Overcomes adversity. Uses opposition as fuel.
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Savage Swim
is your ultimate grassroots, homegrown, self-made brand. We do things different here. Everything that you order from us, from custom bikinis to activewear and eco-friendly swimsuits, is made in-house, at our workroom in St Augustine Beach Florida.


Savage Swim was founded by single mother of four babies, Beth Reeb, in April of 2014. She started this vision in her one-car garage, struggling with pennies in her bank, in a house facing foreclosure. With only a dream, no loans, investors or partners, she built the brand organically. She bounced the workroom around from three little garages of her home rentals over the course of the first year, reinvesting everything back into the business. In February 2015 she snagged a commercial building to turn into the Savage HQ workroom and showroom. It was a 1500 sq ft Jiffy Lube mechanic shop with no A/C, only six bay doors to open every morning for fresh air. A month was spent remodeling it into our landmark prize that was wrapped in huge images of our athletes in our swimwear. After a few seasons and quick growth, Savage Swim outgrew the space. Under two years after that remodel, we now have a 4000 sq foot showroom/workroom in St Augustine Beach Florida, with room to expand as we continue to build this vision and brand.

We are privately owned by Beth. Self-made, and organically grown and built, our goal is to make custom bikinis and swimwear possible in a sustainable and ethical way. We are family run, with just enough team members to keep up with the demand. We have a team of awesome women, from greeting/helping in the showroom, to printing and hand cutting orders, to our skilled seamstresses that produce each and every order for customers, one piece at a time, to our final stage of quality checking and shipping it to your doorstep.

We put love, passion, and pride of quality into every single stage here. With raw marketing, great customer service, website design, as well as the overall production and building of your custom bikinis, swimsuits, and activewear, we produce lasting, quality products, and always strive to be better.

Genuine, HANDMADE IN THE USA products that you will be proud to own.
Support ethical and eco-friendly products and local companies. Know where your money is going and who you are supporting. 
Be the Change.


Beth Reeb Owner / Designer / CEO of Savage Swim & American Boheme | Ethically responsible fashions made in America
Howdy! Beth Reeb here, Owner/Designer/CEO, 
This is my Family and my driving force behind Savage Swim. I have resided in north east Florida for the last 22 years, lived on the water my whole life, and have always had an infinite love for the outdoors, the sun and the ocean. Always in a bikini in Florida, and never being able to find the perfect fitting suit, I decided to launch my own line of sporty, unique, active swimwear for outdoor enthusiasts. I have a background in interior design (3rd generation) and have been sewing interior design projects from age 13. Although self taught in the clothing and swimsuit industry, it comes natural, and is a passion of mine to design and create, and to help others shine in their own skin. Nothing quite like a perfect fitting custom bikini to make you feel confident and alive on those gorgeous sunny days. We live life for the outdoors, and are here to help you do the same, in style, comfort, and confidence! Own the skin you're in.