Never Say Never with Beth Reeb of Savage Swim: On Building Your Dream Business, Body, and Family

Brendon Kozack published on

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Bustling business owner and mother of four shares her story straight from the heart.  Although her hand-crafted custom bikinis now adorn some of the most bodacious bodies in the world and her bank account is bigger than ever, Beth Reeb doesn't forget where she came from.  With five mouths to feed and a huge dream, she quit her job as a bartender - saying goodbye to late-night shifts and too much time away from her kids - and said hello to a 15-year-old sewing machine.  With a background in interior design and only having sewn curtains and pillows, Beth took a week to craft her first bikini in a house that was facing foreclosure, and just one month later she had over $5000 in sales.  Now she has close to 20 employees and a huge shop, and her art can be seen on booties on beaches around the world.   What's your passion?  What dreams do you have for you and your family?  Beth's story is sure to inspire you that you can have it all.

Struggling loving your body?  Beth also offers advice on how to love what you've got while working towards what you want.

 Think getting your dream body or owning a world-class business isn't in your cards?  Never say never.  Beth didn't.

 To get your own Savage bikini, head to  To see Beth's art take over the world, follow her biz on Instagram @savageswim.


January 18, 2017 — Beth Reeb