The liberation of swimwear has been linked to the liberation of women. The bikini is, perhaps, the most popular female garment around the globe because of the beauty that comes with empowering confidence and not the power of fashion. The result is a high-stakes marketplace that is motivating a higher level of innovation with design and craftsmanship.

Local entrepreneur, Beth Reeb, took notice to the importance of women being able to find bikinis that express their inner spirit in an appealing way. With a background in interior design, Reeb used her knowledge of sewing to launch a swimwear line that started as a passion and has progressed into a successful company dubbed, Savage Swim.

The name, “Savage,” reflects Reeb’s life during the past eight years. After dropping out of high school at age 15, she resorted to working long hours to provide for her family. As a single mother of four, Reeb found her inner savage to triumph over many obstacles thrown her way. She never really followed the societal norms, so the name fit.


Relentless drive, late nights and early mornings led to the birth of Savage Swim. Reeb launched the company with two designs for bikini tops and one for the bottom. As an avid crossfit athlete, she aimed for her designs to be desirable for all body types. She knew athletes had a hard time finding any clothing that fit them properly, never mind a bikini.

Over the next several months, she produced more original designs and moved out of the crowded workspace in her garage to her current spacious storefront located in St. Augustine.

Savage suits are sexy and sporty, so you can express your girly side, all while competing like a world champion. Reeb’s funky spirit is expressed through her designs with lace on the back of the tops and fun, brightly colored fabrics. The no-slip, reversible brand will stay put through duck dives, wipeouts, crossfit workouts, cliff jumps and pretty much anything else life can throw at you.


The future of swimwear design is blowing up with progressive companies appearing on both the East Coast and West Coast. The growing industry adds more fuel to Reeb’s fire to make Savage Swim stand out.

Reeb has expanded her designs to appeal to a younger generation. Her vision grows while watching her daughter design swimsuits for “Savage Minis.” Ultimately, Reeb’s strength comes from her family and wanting to give them freedom from financial burden and stress.

“My inspiration is to live free,” Reeb explained. “Free from society’s expectations, free from beauty standards, free from negativity and drama. Specifically, to make my own freedom, my own way.”


Last month, just two years after the launch of Savage Swim, Reeb accomplished her personal goal for a monthly sales amount. Proving that you don’t need a college degree to be successful, but, instead, you just need to have tremendous focus and grind. Reeb continues to create lasting bikini trends with her unique style and free-flowing way of life.

January 18, 2017 — Beth Reeb